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The teams are playing in the group stage of the Africa Cup of Nations. The two teams have been fighting for the title for a long time.
The first round of the tournament was a real success for the team. The team managed to score a lot of goals, which is a great sign for the future. The main problem of the team is the lack of motivation.
However, the team has already shown that it can fight for the gold medals. The players are ready to do their best in every match. It is also worth noting that the team was not the only one who managed to get a result in the first round.
All livescore football results of the teams are available on the reliable resource. Here, you can find the information about the results of matches of the national teams, as well as other matches. The information about football matches is updated in real time. This is very important for fans who want to keep up with the latest news.
Ivory Coast vs. Tunisia live scores
The team of Thomas Tuchel is one of the main favorites of the African Cup of Nation. The coach has been working with the team for a few years now, so he knows how to make the most of the situation.
This summer, the club has been in a good mood, which allowed the players to play in the Champions League. The club has already managed to reach the playoffs, so it is clear that the players are motivated.
Tuchel’s team has a good chance of getting into the playoffs. The problem is that the club is not in the best shape. The situation is similar with the players of the Tunisian team. They are not in top form, which has led to the fact that the coach has to make some changes to the lineup.
In the first rounds, the coach of the club managed to make a number of changes, which helped the team to score goals. The most important of them is the following:
1. Mohamed Elyounoussi was moved to the left flank. This allows the coach to play with the main striker of the lineup, Salah.
2. The goalkeeper of the squad, M’Barek Bekhtiari, is injured. This will be a problem for the coach, because he will have to play without a reliable goalkeeper.
3. As for the left side, it is not clear who will play there. It can be the young players of Tuchel”s team or the players who have already played in the team before.
It is worth noting, that the first line of the midfield is not very strong. The second line is not ready to play on the field, so the coach can use the third line.

The coach of Ivory Coast has already used the players from the second line in the matches against the team from Tunisia. It was a good decision, because the team managed not to lose points.
You can always find the livescore results of Ivory coast vs. tunisia on the website of sports statistics. Here you will find the latest information about matches of national teams and other matches, as a result of which you will be the first to know about the changes in the standings of the tournaments.
How to follow the results on the sports statistics website?
Now, it’ll be much easier to follow football results on your mobile phone. The sports statistics site is available to all users. It offers not only the information on the results, but also the schedule of upcoming matches.
Now the website is available for both Android and iOS devices. The latter is much more popular among users. The platform is developed by sports statistics experts, who know how to provide only the most reliable information.
There are several sections on the site. The first one is dedicated to football results. Here the information is updated live. The website is also available for watching the scores of matches. This section is especially useful for those who want not to miss anything important.
Another section of the site is dedicated not only to football matches, but to other sports as well. For example, you will see the results from tennis tournaments. You can also find the schedule for upcoming matches and other information. All livescore information is available in full on the platform.
Football results on sports statistics platform
The website of the sports statistic is available both for Android and for iOS devices, which means that you can use it both on your computer and on your smartphone. The user interface of the platform is very simple. It has the same look and feel as the website for the main sports events.
On the home page, you’ve got the main sections:
* News;
* Results;
* Schedule.
Each of them has a separate page. The results section is a special feature of the website. It’d be a good idea to always keep it open, because here you can always learn the latest football results from various tournaments. The schedule of matches is also very useful for the users.
Thanks to this, it will be much simpler to follow all the information. The site is updated not only with the results and schedule of the matches, which are held in different parts of the world, but with the information from other sports tournaments. For this, you need to visit the sports website at least once a day.

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