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The new England coach has already made a number of changes to the team, but the most obvious is the appointment of Harry Maguire. The England goalkeeper was one of the best performers of the World Cup and, although he is not the most experienced goalkeeper, he is an excellent choice for the position.

However, the appointment is not without its problems. First of all, the goalkeeper is not a good choice for a number one position. The team needs a goalkeeper who can stop the ball from going into the goal. The problem is that the goalkeeper can only do this if the ball is in the goal, which is not always the case.
Another problem is Maguires’s height. He is a little over 6 feet tall and, as a result, the team’ goalkeeper has to be able to push the ball into the net. This is not easy, especially when the team is playing against a taller opponent.
However the team has a good selection of players who can solve these problems. The main problem for the team at the moment is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of the long tournament distance, which has already affected the results of the team.
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Football Results on 777score
The football season is in full swing, and this means that the results are very important for the teams. The English Premier League is the strongest league in the world, and it is now very interesting to follow the development of events in this championship.
This season, the main favorites of the tournament are Manchester City and Liverpool. The teams have already met in the Champions League, and the Citizens have already won the tournament.
In the Premier League, the teams are fighting for the title, and their struggle is very intense. The leaders of the Premier league are:
* Manchester City;
* Liverpool;
* Arsenal;
and so on.
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New Players for Liverpool
The season of the English Premier league is very interesting, and there is a good chance that the leaders of this championship will be able not only to defend their title, but also to win the Champions league.
Liverpool is the main contender for the champion title, as it has a number 1 and 2 players in each of the lines. The first line is led by Sadio Mane, who is considered one of England’ s best players. The second line is occupied by Sad to Mane, and they are joined by Roberto Firmino.
Now the Reds have a good squad, which can play in the best league in Europe. The squad of Mane is very strong, and he has already managed to score a lot of goals. Mane is a very good player, and his transfer to Liverpool is a great opportunity for the club.
Manchester City has a very strong squad, and now it is much easier to follow its results. The club has a great lineup, which allows it to play in a number 2 position. This position is very important, as there is only one player in it.
Also, the club has the best goalkeeper in the Premier tournament, which helps to save the game of the opponents. The goalkeeper is always ready to save a goal, and if the team loses the ball in the field, he can quickly get it back to the goalkeeper.
Main Favorites of the Season
The English Premier tournament is very exciting, and you can always find out the results here. The results of all matches are available in real time, which makes it easy to learn about the results and the development in the tournament of the favorites and the outsiders.
There is a lot to look forward to, because the season is very long, and many teams will try to win a place in the European Cup zone. The most interesting matches of this season are:
* Chelsea vs. Arsenal;
* Manchester United vs. Liverpool; and so on
The teams have a number 3 player in each line, and each line has a goalkeeper. The goalkeepers are very good, and sometimes they save the match.
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Favorites of Season
Now, the favorites of this tournament are: Manchester City, Liverpool, and Chelsea. The latter has a strong lineup, and its main player is Eden Hazard. The Belgian is a player who is very useful for the leaders, and for the outsiders he can be a great addition.
Hazard is a strong player, who can decide the fate of the match in a flash. He has already scored a lot, and in the future he will be a key player of the club, as he is a young player who needs time to develop.
Chelsea has a really good lineup, but it is not as strong as the other teams. It is led now by the Belgian Eden Hazard, who has already played a lot. The Chelsea goalkeeper is also a good goalkeeper, and when he saves a goal the team wins.

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