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The second match of the 2018 World Cup will be held in the country of Brazil. The hosts will be facing the Mexican team in the decisive match of this tournament. The match will be played on the neutral ground of the stadium of the host country. The fans can watch the game live on the website of sports statistics.
This year, the tournament is becoming more interesting for fans. They can watch it in full on the platform of sports information. The matches of the tournament are held in a special way. They are held at the stadiums of the teams, where the fans can see the best football of the world.
All Brazil vs. Mexico live scores
The tournament is held in two groups. Each group has two teams. The first match of each group is held at a special time. The teams of the first group play against each other. The winner of the match is the winner of that group.
In the second group, the teams play against the teams of other groups. The team that wins the match in the second match is declared the winner.

The matches of this group are held on the field. The players of the team are not allowed to leave the field of play.
How to follow the results of the matches of Brazil vs Mexican
The teams of this match have the same characteristics. They have the following characteristics:
1. The strongest football players of each team.
2. The best football players from each country.
3. Good teamwork.
4. Excellent conditions for the game.
5. Great stadiums.
6. A large number of fans.
7. Long bench.
8. Easy access to the results on the Internet.
9. Information on the livescore section.
10. The ability to follow all the results in full.
Thus, the fans of the game can follow the livescores of the games of this team. It is convenient to watch the results thanks to the website.
Fans can follow live scores of the confrontations of Brazil and Mexico. The information on the matches is available on the site of sports statistical information.
Results of the second game of the World Cup 2018
The team of Brazil won the first match. The second match was held in which the team of Mexico won. The final match of 2018 World Championship will be the decisive game of this confrontation.
It is convenient for fans to watch this match on the sports statistics website. The results of this game are available on a special section of the platform.
Team of Brazil scores in the World Championship 2018
This season, the team has a number of interesting changes. The most important of them are:
ยท new coach.
ยท new line-up.
Among the new players of Brazil, the most important are: Neymar, Cavani, and Firmino. The line-ups of the national team have also changed. The following players are in the line- up of the Brazilian team:
โ— Coutinho;
โ— Firminho;
ยท Thiago Silva;
The line- ups of the Mexican national team are: Giovinco, Herrera, and Zaz.
After the first matches of 2018, it is easy to follow results of confrontations. The website of the sports statistical data offers the information on all confrontations, including the results.
Live score of the confrontation between Brazil and Colombia
The first match was played between the teams in the South American zone. The game was held on a neutral field. Fans can follow this match in full thanks to a special website. It offers the results, livescoring, and the schedule of the next matches.
One of the most interesting confrontations is the game between Brazil vs Colombia. The two teams have the most effective line-Up. The main players of this line- Up are: Willian, Coutinho, and Fred.
Brazil vs. Colombia live score
The game was played on a very difficult field. It was the first time that the teams met in the final of the South America zone. This confrontation will be decisive for the victory of Brazil over Colombia.
Both teams have a number line-U. The Brazilian team has the following line- U:
* Willian;
* Fred;
** Neymar;
*** Cavani;
***** Firmininho;
* Thiago;

The Colombian line-u is:
* Fred; * Coutinho.
* Herrera; * Zaz; ** Fred; ** Fred.
** Fred; Coutinho
*** Fred; Fred; Neymar.
These line- Ups are very effective. The Brazilians have a good chance to win.
Willian of Brazil has a good game. He scored two goals. The other player, Fred, has a very good game too. He has scored three goals.
However, the Colombian team has an excellent game. The lineup of the Colombian national team is:
โ— Fred; Zaz, Coutino; Neymar
โ— Fred; Herrera; Zabala; Fred. Neymar
This line-UP is very effective and it is very important for the team. The Colombian team is the main favorite of the competition.

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