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The last time the two teams met was in the final of the Copa America, where the hosts were defeated by the Argentines. The team had a good start to the tournament, but it was not able to make it to the final stage.
In the last few years, the teams have met in the international arena only once. However, the previous time, the hosts had a great start to their campaign and managed to take the first place.
The main rivals of the hosts are:
* Barcelona;
* Atletico;
* Real;
and, of course, the current champions.
All of them have their own players, which makes it even more difficult to play against them.
However, the team of Messi and Suarez is a real force, which is why it is so important to study the statistics of its matches.
It is easy to do this, because the website of sports statistics is available to everyone. Here you can find not only the results of matches, but also detailed statistics of each player, as well as the schedule of upcoming matches. This will help you to understand the strength of the rivals and their chances of winning.
Latest results of the Argentinean national team
The team of Lionel Messi has a great opportunity to win the World Cup, because it is the favorite of the tournament. The Argentines are in good shape, and they have a good chance to win gold medals.
This summer, the main goal of the team is to win a place in the Champions League zone. This is a great chance to make a positive result in the long tournament distance.
They will have to fight against:
1. Real Madrid;
2. Barcelona; and,
3. Atletico.
These clubs have a lot of players who are ready to play for the team, and the chances of the Argentinians are very good.
Messi’s team has a good lineup, which allows it to play at a high level. The main stars of the national team are:

* Sergio Aguero;
* * Rodrigo;
and, of the main attackers, Diego Costa.
Of course, it is important to have a great goalkeeper, but the Argentineans have a number of good options.
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What are the chances for the Argentinian team?
The chances of Argentina are very high. The country has a rich history of football, and it has managed to win several international tournaments.
At the same time, it has a young and talented team. This makes it possible to compete against the best in the world.
There is a good opportunity to make positive results in the World Championship, because this tournament is considered to be the most important in the history of the game.
If the team manages to win all of the gold medals, it will be the second time in a row that the Argentinos have won the most prestigious trophy of the Old World.
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How to follow the news on Argentine national football?
It’s easy to follow all the news from the country of the most famous football player in the Old Continent.
Messi’ football team is one of the best teams in the tournament and has a very good chance of winning the gold medal. The Argentinean team has already won the Copacabana, which means that it is ready to do its best in every match.
Thanks to the website, you can follow all its results, as the team has played in the previous World Cups and European Championships.
Here, you will also find the schedule and the schedule for upcoming matches, as it is easy for you to follow.
Livescore today of the Argentina national team and its rivals
The national team of Argentina has a long history of winning gold medals at the international level.
During the last World Cup in the Netherlands, the Argentins managed to finish in the top four, which was not possible before.
Since then, the players have been working hard to win another title, and this time they have good chances.
A lot of livescore today are available on the site of sports analytics, where you can easily find out the latest data.
Fans can follow livescore of the teams and players of the country, as they have been playing for a long time.
Visit the website to always be aware about the latest events and to be able to follow their development.
Who will be Argentina’ national team’ main rivals in the future?
In future World Cups, the Argentine team will have a difficult time, because its rivals are:
* Spain;
 * Germany;
Also, the Spanish team has the best lineup, so it is very difficult to face it in a match. However the Argentinas have a strong team, which can play well at any tournament.
Among the main rivals, you should also note:
• Brazil;
•     Italy;
• England;
It should be noted that the team from England has not been in the best shape for a few years.

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