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The Portuguese is one of the main stars of the current season, and he is doing his best to win the Golden Ball.
In the last season, the Real Madrid star scored more than 20 goals, and the number of assists he received is also impressive.
The player has become a real icon of the club, and it is his leadership that helped the team to win several trophies.
However, it is not only the achievements of the Portuguese that are impressive, but also the fact that he is able to adapt to all types of situations.
This is demonstrated by the fact, that he can change the game at any moment, and this allows him to demonstrate his skills in the most unexpected situations. This is what makes him a true star of the football world.

It is also worth noting that Cristiano Ronaldo is able not only to score, but to do it in a number of different ways.
It has already been mentioned that the Portuguese is able, thanks to his good game, to score a goal in any match.
At the same time, he is also able to create a chance for himself, and then score himself.
Also, the player is able in many ways to distribute the ball, which is very important for the team.
Together with the Portuguese, the team of Real Madrid has already won the Champions League for the second time in a row.
Moreover, the Portuguese has already managed to score the most goals of the tournament, and his performance in the Champions Cup was also very successful.
As a result, the Madrid team has already become one of leaders in the tournament.
They have already won two Champions Leagues, and they are now ready to win another one.
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Real Madrid’s chances of winning the Champions Leauge 2
The team of the Royal Club has already reached the final stage of the Champions league, and now they have to win it once again.
If they do, it will be the second triumph of the Madrid club in the last three years.
Last year, the Royal club won the tournament for the third time, and if they manage to win this year, they will become the first team to do this.
During the previous season, they lost to Juventus in the final, but this time the club will be able to show its best game.
Now, the main task of the Real team is to win at least one trophy.
That is why it is so important for them to win in the next season, because the team has a lot of potential.
One of the most important factors of the success of the players of the Spanish club is the motivation of the leaders.
After the previous Champions League final, the players were very motivated, and their performance in matches was very good.
Such a result is very difficult to achieve, but the Royal team has the right to believe in themselves.
Therefore, it has already demonstrated that it is possible to achieve great results in the long tournament distance.
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Main achievements of Barcelona in the new season
The season 2018/19 has already shown that Barcelona is one the main contenders for the title.
Despite the fact the Catalans lost to Real Madrid in the previous round, they managed to win a lot more matches.
For example, the club won three Champions Leaus, and in the current campaign, it looks like the team is ready to repeat the success.
Of course, the Catalonians have a long way to go, but they have already managed a lot and are now in a good shape.
Many of the Catalonian players are already in the best shape of their lives, and all of them are able to give their all in every match. This has already helped the club to win many trophies. The main goal of the Catalan team is the Champions trophy, and we will see if they can achieve this in the near future.
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EPL table: the main favorites
Barcelona is a team that can give its all in any of the EPL matches. The Catalonian players are able not to stop at the first round, and even in the second match, they have a good chance of winning.
There are several reasons that can help the team win the title:
1. Good teamwork. The club has a good number of leaders, and each of them has a specific role.
2. Good selection of players. The players of Barcelona are able, not only in the attack, but in defense as well.
3. Good lineup. The team has an excellent lineup, which can be called one of its strongest features.
4. Motivation.

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