Top 10  International NBA  Jersey Sales

Top 10 International NBA Jersey Sales

Published on June 22nd, 2012

Here is the top 10 international NBA jersey sales for 2012, Kobe Bryant being the biggest brand in the NBA in 2012...

Posted by Daye Kaba
Here is the top 10 international NBA jersey sales for 2012, Kobe Bryant being the biggest brand in the NBA in 2012, according to ProBasketballTalk:
Kobe Bryant is still the biggest brand in the NBA.
Others are in line for his crown, but if you want to use an NBA star to sell shoes or soft drink or whatever internationally, Kobe is the gold standard.
And he can sell jerseys, too.
The league announced the top NBA jersey sales internationally and Kobe was on top again. He sold the most jerseys in China, the most in Europe and the most in Latin America, too. Kobe is a true global brand. This really isn’t a surprise.
Second on the international list is Derrick Rose of the Bulls, followed by LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo. Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin and Kevin Durant round out the top 10.
Spain’s stars Pau Gasol (11) and Ricky Rubio (15) are in the top 15, while France’s Tony Parker is 13th.
Kobe at the top isn't surprising. His presence in the 2008 Olympics Beijing, showed the world how big of a star Kobe was outside of the United States. He was by far the most popular player on the team, even over LeBron.
Derrick Rose's MVP definitely worked well for him, as his jersey is the second best selling jersey in the NBA.   Lebron is always expected to be at least in the top 3.
I'm actually surprised to see Rajon Rondo in the top 10. He isn't the type of player that necessarily sells his image through the media, like most players do. Rondo rarely appears in TV commercials. He isn't a big fan of international basketball with the US team, nor does he like doing interviews. I'm a little puzzled about Rondo's position in the list, although he is a great player. I would have expected Chris Paul to have his spot.
Everyone else on the list makes sense.

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