Stefon Marbury Rips Mike D'Antoni

Stefon Marbury Rips Mike D'Antoni

Published on March 15th, 2012

Stefon Marbury ripped Mike D'Antoni on his twitter and subliminally called him a coward...

Stefon Marbury ripped Mike D'Antoni on his twitter and subliminally called him a coward:

"Coward's Step down men knock walls down that men like him post up. I told you'll about that dude but you'll didn't listen. #DANPHONY"

Marbury probably never got along with any of his NBA coaches, including D'Antoni during his years in Phoenix and his last days in New York. Going off his character record, I can't really take seriously anything Marbury says but the fact that D' Antoni resigned from the Knicks sort of makes him look like he quit on the team only because he could not trade Carmelo Anthony for Deron Wiliams. Jeremy Lin was the player that helped the Knicks win some games but he apparently still tried to over recruit, got greedy.

D'Antoni should have just have tried to make things work with Melo, instead he stayed stuck in his position and hoped management would help him out. People keep saying that both D'Antoni and Melo have a huge ego I agree but when you have a player of Melo's caliber, you accept that he is the star on the team, you speak to him and try to make things work.

The best NBA coaches out of job right now are Jerry Sloan and Phil Jackson, Sloan coached for Utah his whole career and Phil Jackson retired from coaching after his last year with the Lakers. The chances of either of them signing with the Knicks aren't so high considering these facts but New York is an exciting place to coach, and also one of the better markets in the NBA. So why not?


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