Overseas Free Agent Baskeball Camp In France In August

Overseas Free Agent Baskeball Camp In France In August

Published on August 4th, 2012

The annual free agent basketball camp in Limoges (France), will take place in August...

Posted by Daye Kaba
For the second consecutive year, and in fusion with the French Basketball Federation, the FAC (Free Agent Camp) will open its doors to players with legitimate college or professional experience, looking to get signed on a team overseas.
The camp takes place in Limoges (France), and was designed to build a team of free agents, and provide them with a proper training camp, to help them prepare for a potential job. The camp also gives the players great exposure, as scrimmages against  professional teams such as La Rochelle, Cognac, Vichy and Bordeaux (team owned by Boris Diaw) are scheduled.
To give you an idea of the level of the French league, here are some names of the American players, and former college stars that played in that league during the 2011-12 season:
- Kyle McAlarney (French team: Limoges, College: Notre Dame)
- Landon Milbourne (French Team: limoges, College: Maryland)
- Dar Tucker (french Team: Aix-Maurienne, College: DePaul)
- Jeff Allen ( French Team: Antibes, College: Virginia Tech)
- Ryan Rossiter ( French Team: Denain, College: Siena)
Unless you were a big college star, professional basketball is mostly about being at the right place, at the right time, or about working the right agent. The FAC gives you an opportunity to make it.
The camp will be ran by coaches that have years of professional experience: Regis Racine (Ex Clermont), Jean-Philippe Besson (Ex Vichy), Fabien Courcier (Ex Bourg). Those coaches also have to power to introduce you to the right people, that could help you make your dream come true. 
Before signing up for the camp, remember that such an experience is a physical investment, as much as it is a financial investment. The camp will be divided in 4 weeks, from August 13th to September 2nd, and the price of a week of work 385€, 55€ per day. It is up to the player to decide how long he would like it to last. If you are interested, or know someone that could be, feel free to share the scoop. This could your last shot at getting picked up for the upcoming season.
For more information, contact the staff at facdbb@gmail.com or call (011336) 14 11 62 25.

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