NBA Execs Believe Chris Paul Wants To Be A Knick

NBA Execs Believe Chris Paul Wants To Be A Knick

Published on July 2nd, 2012

NBA executives still believe Chris Paul wants to be a Knick, and play with his good friend Carmelo Anthony...

Posted by Daye Kaba

NBA executives still believe Chris Paul wants to be a Knick, and play with his good friend Carmelo Anthony:



Carmelo Anthony said days ago that he believes his time (to win a championship ) is coming. Chris Paul just turned down the contract extension offered by the Clippers, to become a free agent. Those facts lead me to think that this rumor may not be completely false. The Knicks do not have the money to get Chris Paul this year, but things could be different next season, if they make the right moves and free up cap space. 

The two friends, Melo and CP3, will likely be picked to play on the Olympics US team this summer. It will be another opportunity for the two to get closer, and possibly work out a way for them to play on the same NBA team sooner, rather than later.
Paul is a smart basketball player, and a smart man. He probably sees that Blake Griffin isn't the guy that will help him win a championship, the same way you and I do. Griffin barely has any moves on the post, besides that spin move he always does. He easily becomes a liability in the playoffs. 
Before Paul signed with Clippers, everyone knew that there was a chance he would only play with the Clippers until this summer, in case he realized it was to the right team for him. After seeing how the Clippers performed in the playoffs, I am convinced they won't be a contender anytime soon, with or without Paul.


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it will be hard for paul to play for knicks i see him signing back with clippers just because of finances the knicks have their problems with stats contract of the two stats and melo the only one who is tradeable is melo and paul won't play with a team of stats of a bunch of nobodies that just the NO team he forced his way out
#1 - dh13 - 02/07/2012 - 03:07
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