Metta Now Friends With Guy From Detroit Brawl

Metta Now Friends With Guy From Detroit Brawl

Published on July 21st, 2012

Metta World Peace is now friends with the guy that threw a Diet Coke bottle at him before the brawl in Detroit several years ago...

Posted by Daye Kaba
Metta World Peace is now friends with the guy that threw a Diet Coke bottle at him before the Detroit brawl several years ago:

 How did you become friends with John Green, the guy who threw the cup at you that ended up instigating the brawl?
“What happened was, when I got into the brawl in Detroit, I was transitioning into a different type of person, that person that I’ve become, but that game had so many emotions involved. So I get suspended and I think the whole world hates me and I’m walking around not wanting to talk to anybody. Then my psychologist, I was talking to her about a few things and I said, ‘You know what, I’m going to reach out to John.’ So I went on Twitter and said, ‘Anybody that can find me this guy’s number or information, I’ll take you out to lunch.’ … Somebody from Chicago found his number … so I called him and his wife picks up the phone. And I said, ‘Hey, this is Ron Artest. I’d like to speak to John.’ … Then I spoke to John and he answered the phone like he knew I was going to call.”
John, is that the way you remember it?
“That was, he pretty much hit it right on the head. … I never knew, really, that that was going to happen, but it was weird. Just to clear things up, it wasn’t a beer that I threw. It was a Diet Coke.”
Metta World Peace, "Ron Artest" then, definitely cleaned up his act after the incident. World Peace's growth is probaly what made him change his former name to what it is now, and his behavior has been perfect since. Oh wait, he did elbow James Harden as hard as he could, in the jaw. I guess everyone, including the NBA's commisioner David Stern, understood that World Peace had kind of gotten carried away with the emotion of dunking on the Thunder's defense, along with Harden provoking him right after by getting unusually close to his face. 

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