Kobe Yells At Pau Gasol Asking for the Ball

Kobe Yells At Pau Gasol Asking for the Ball

Published on March 28th, 2012

Kobe Bryant embarassed Pau Gasol on Tuseday night and told him 'I don't give a sh*t", "Pass me the fuc*ing ball"...

Kobe Bryant embarassed Pau Gasol on Tuesday night as the Warriors hosted the Lakers and told him 'I don't give a sh*t", "Pass me the fuc*ing ball":

This was defnitely uncalled for, Gasol did all he could and stretched out his arms to make sure he would not turn the ball over and Kobe could take it to the free-throw line. Kobe just yelled at him, punked him and made him look like a little boy. Gasol can never stand up to Kobe unless it is in the media, but even then, it's always subliminal. Pau ripped his 'selfish teammates' aka 'Kobe Bryant' to a Spanish paper a couple weeks ago, I doubt that sat well with Kobe, but still...

Kobe is a great player and a living legend as far as basketball goes but his on-court attitude is one of a winner, as well as one of the biggest a-hole. The reason why I think Kobe didn't have to yell at Gasol is because World Peace took the ball out, and had Kobe right in front of him wide-open, but didn't give him the ball and threw it Gasol. Kobe was probably more angry at World Peace than Gasol but the easiest target on the Lakers being the Spanish center, it's easier to pick on him. That just looked bad.

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