Kobe Tells Media to 'Lay Off' Russell Westbrook

Kobe Tells Media to 'Lay Off' Russell Westbrook

Published on February 25th, 2012

Russell Westbrook is one of those players that the media loves to hate for the fact that he was behind Kevin Durant when he arrived in Oklahoma City but never accepted to be the second best player and strived to improve. Westbrook has shown in the past two years that he has aspirations to become great, and often at Durant's expense since the Thunder's point guard is a natural scorer. He's been criticized for not being a pass-first point guard and preventing Durant from getting looks on offense. When it's all set and done, a prolific scorer that shoots at a high percentage should never be blamed, percentage reflects shots selection. If you shoot a a high percentage, then you are taking good shots.

The Oklahoma Thunder all-star guard got support from the highest voice in the league Kobe Bryant after the Lakers loss to the Thunder on Thursday. Kobe asked the media to 'lay off' Westbrook with whom he finds similarities:

“I don’t know what the media is doing out here, but everybody just needs to lay off of Russell,” Kobe said, according to The Oklahoman. “That’s a bad little dude, man. That’s a bad little dude, man. You guys are fortunate to have him. You guys have got two explosive scorers here. I like how he’s playing. He just has to continue to improve and do his thing.”

"He's got the same type of dog that I had in me — that I still have in mewhen I was coming up playing with Shaq (former teammate Shaquille O'Neal). He's got the same fight and he's just 6-4."

Kobe was in the same situation in L.A., people criticized him for shooting too much while the Lakers had the best scorer in the league in Shaq, and these critics were the origins of the Kobe/Shaq fight. Durant is the Thunder's "Shaq" and Westbrook plays Kobe's role, it's understandable Kobe defended him..

His play this year had many wondering who was the best player between Westrbrook and Kevin Durant, both players have ignored them and hopefully this can last many more years. Westbrook and Durant have a chance to become one of the best duos of all time. 


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