Kobe Says One Ring Is Not Enough For LeBron

Kobe Says One Ring Is Not Enough For LeBron

Published on July 10th, 2012

Kobe Bryant said during an interview with SI's Ian Thomsen, that getting one ring won't cut it for LeBron James...

Posted by Daye Kaba


Kobe Bryant said during an interview with SI's Ian Thomsen, that getting one ring won't cut it for LeBron James:


"One championship doesn't get it, you know what I'm saying?'' Bryant said. "So for me, when we won one, it was a little different because it was, like you know, Michael (Jordan) had six, Magic (Johnson) had five. So me and Shaq (O'Neal) both were like, man, we got to get some more. One ain't going to cut it.''

Surely James has been thinking the same way.


"Yeah, I mean, since the last time we were here I got two,'' said Bryant, extending the vowel the way Jordan extended his fingertips after making his last championship shot in Utah. He let the "two'' hang out there without rushing onto the next sentence. "Dirk got one. He (James) got one.''

Has Bryant reminded James of the championship score?

"Not yet,'' he said. "I will. I will.''

For LeBron to plead his case as the best player player ever, I believe he will need at least 4 rings. It's pretty clear that he is a top 5 talent of all time (the best talent in my opinion). However, in order for him to solidify his resume, and hope to legitimately surpass the few NBA legends he is currently chasing, it's all about championships. When it comes to statistics, or individual awards, LeBron is definitely on track with the best of them.

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