Justin Blackmon Completely Wasted During DUI Arrest

Justin Blackmon Completely Wasted During DUI Arrest

Published on June 17th, 2012

Jaguars rookie receiver Justin Blackmon was visibly absolutely wasted when he got arrested for DUI...

Posted by Daye Kaba

Jaguars rookie receiver Justin Blackmon was visibly absolutely wasted, when he got arrested for DUI earlier this month:


Blackmon is a very talented young receiver, but I truly believe that this type of behavior shows he has a drinking problem. There aren't too many athletes, on their way to making millions of dollars, willing to drive in such condition. I guess the fact that Blackmon was by himself was a good thing, but it was nearly suicidal.
Hopefully he'll have someone that will help him in Jacksonville, because this did not look good. The video gives a better understanding of the situation. Before seeing the tape, most people simply thought he got caught driving under the influence. No, Blackmon was literally wasted, and could barely speak.

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