JaVale McGee Top 8 Dumbest Plays

JaVale McGee Top 8 Dumbest Plays

Published on March 13th, 2012

Someone made a nice top 8 of JaVale McGee dumbest plays...

Someone very smart made a compilation of the Washigton Wizards' center JaVale McGee. McGee has the ability to make great plays but most of the time, entertains NBA fans with strange idiotic plays. here is the top 8 of McGee's dumbest plays:

The worst play by far was the attempt from the free-throw line, he probably couldn't make that dunk at practice so why try it during a game. Certain players just don't fear embarrassment apparently.

The next play that I thought was pretty interesting was his other failed take off while his teammate Nick Young was wide open for the layup. It is a 2-on-1 fast break and you are in the NBA, that plays has to be converted or at the very least, don't get called for a charge.... Nick Young's body language was priceless, I know what he was thinking: 'Oh my goodness, he can't be serious!'

Now the last play I want to talk about is the post up play on one of the smallest players in the NBA Isiah Thomas. As a 7 footer, you are supposed to take position deep in the paint wen you are twice as big and tall as your defender. McGee coud have easily done that but instead settled to Thomas' pressure and made no effort to catch John Wall's pass. Look at John Wall's  'I can't win with this guy''s gesture after the pass. I feel for him.

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