Javale McGee Put On Blast By Model For Treating Her Like Crap

Javale McGee Put On Blast By Model For Treating Her Like Crap

Published on September 6th, 2012

Denver Nuggets center Ja'Vale McGee was put on blast by model Ayana Marie for treating her like trash...


Posted by Daye Kaba

Denver Nuggets center Ja'Vale McGee was put on blast by a jumpoff model Ayana Marie for treating her like trash

After 5 months I finally agreed to meet him on August 8th. I waited that long to be sure that he wasn’t just looking for a jumpoff. I also thought this was a big deal for him because according to Javale he doesn’t fly “!!es,” out in the offseason.
My flight was delayed, so I got there late, I was hoping to have some time to chill, but as soon as we got inside the room he wanted to sex.
Eventually, we did have sex and I sort of understood since he had waited 5 months to see me, but he immediately started acting odd.
He decided to sleep on the couch instead of the bed with me.
He also said he had practice early in the morning and when I awoke he was already gone
He came back midday, once again said he was tired and was going to take a nap. That was fine I went to take a walk, but to my surprise while I was walking around I see him outside walking as well.
Denver Nuggets center Ja'Vale McGee was put on blast by a  model for treating her like trash:
When I got back to the room he had bought Chipotle for himself and none for me.
When he came back he wanted to have sex again and I agreed, assumed after that since he hadn’t taken me out all day we would go to the movies or do something besides just having sex.
Again I was wrong.
He said he was “tired” again and didn’t want to go out, instead he went to get a haircut, by then I was starting to see the writing on the wall and left the room.
I was invited to a party, but I wanted to go out with Javele so I went back upstairs to try one more time. He noticed my outfit, but still did not want to go out because, “It was too hot.”
He obviously didn’t want to deal with me anymore at that point, told me he was getting me my own room and that most athletes would just kick me out. He called downstairs and got me a room that would ready in 15 minutes.
Sometimes, those girls just have to learn it the hard way. Going out exposing McGee this way can only bring Marie negative energy and a whole ot of hate and embarrassment. McGee basically acted accordingly to the typical stereotypes of the rich pro athlete, so he is in good shape.

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