Is Hope Alexa Dwight Howard's Baby Mama?

Is Hope Alexa Dwight Howard's Baby Mama?

Published on March 20th, 2012

Hope Alexa is rumored to be another one of Dwight Howard's baby mamas...



Hope Alexa is rumored to be another one of Dwight Howard's baby mamas, she would be another one of many, including reality tv star Royce Reed and Tiffany Render.

There have only been speculations so far, primarily on twitter but these types of rumors usually don't just come from nothing. Here is blacksportsonline's report:

"Hope is from Vancouver and had Jayde December of 2010

Hope even has a picture of her and Dwight on her refrigerator confirmed by a source who has been in her home.
We attempted to reach out to Hope via her Twitter page @westcoastgirrl to see if she wanted to comment on the story and within 20 minutes she had deleted her entire page.
We can not confirm or deny this was a coincidence or not, you draw your own conclusions."
The 'refrigerator' statement is very close to stalking, however, this story remains interesting. If she really deleted her twitter after being questioned about her daughter, she must have felt in some type of heat.   
Considering Hope Alexa's pictures, I will be the last one surprised if these rumors happen to be true.
And last but not least...


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she hot as hell. booty
#1 - jdr - 22/03/2012 - 19:30
#2 - Eric - 04/04/2012 - 13:52
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