Hope Solo Twitter Rampage Against Brandi Chastain

Hope Solo Twitter Rampage Against Brandi Chastain

Published on July 28th, 2012

American female goalie star Hope Solo went on a twitter rampage Saturday, criticizing tv commentator Brandi Chastain for being so negative...

Posted by Daye Kaba

American female goalie star Hope Solo went on a twitter rampage criticizing tv commentator Brandi Chastain for being so negative towards the players, and the game:









I can see where Hope Solo is coming from... Chastain belonged to the USA team that won the World Cup, and she seems stuck in her time. It's almost like Chastain doesn't want to pass the torch, and always subliminally tries to remind people that her team and ger teammates were the best. Solo sees the bigger picture, which is to promote the sport, by saying things that will encourage the fans to watch. In other words, Chastain presents herself as a hater of the new generation.

Now, going crazy via twitter may not be the best way for Hope Solo to express her feelings towards Chastain, but it is understandable that she tried to get her point accross.

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