Andrew Bynum Swears Live On TV

Andrew Bynum Swears Live On TV

Published on April 12th, 2012

The Lakers' center Andrew Bynum swore live on tv last night after his historical rebounding performance...

Posted by Adam Hausen

The Lakers' center Andrew Bynum went for a career-high 30 rebounds on Wednesday night, and cussed live during his post-game interview:

Bynum had absolutely no consideration for the reporter to start with. He never looked at him throughout interview, seeemed like he was checking out the stands while speaking. It's pretty clear Bynum wants to be viewed as a bad guy now, he has played the character all season. For a guy that has been criticized and been subject to trade rumors as much as Bynum did, his behavior is understandable. He is a great young player that knows how good he is, and shows he does not care what anyone thinks. It does not matter if it is the public or his NBA colleagues. 

Andrew Bynum is immature to an extent. I don't condone him saying that he doesn't do huddles or him refusing to apologize for penalizing his team after he was ejected a couple days ago. However, I can appreciate a young talent that has attitude. Bynum just needs to find the right balance. He is slowly becoming the best center in the NBA, and enjoys acting it out.

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