Amar'e Stoudamire Calls Fan 'Fag' On Twitter

Amar'e Stoudamire Calls Fan 'Fag' On Twitter

Published on June 24th, 2012

Knicks star Amar'e Stoudamire called a Knick fan the gay slur "fag", after the fan sent him several unflattering and insulting tweets...

Posted by Daye Kaba

Knicks star Amar'e Stoudamire called a Knick fan the gay slur "fag", after the fan sent him several unflattering and insulting tweets:

I probably would have felt a certain way after receiving such a hateful tweet.  So I understand where Amar'e was coming from. However, as the Knicks' second best player, Stoudamire should have kept all that to himself, and refrained from replying to the fan. It must be hard to do sometimes, but it's just the right thing to do. The fan's dream was probably to get a response from Amar'e anyway, so his wish was granted. 

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Amare' just doesn't get it sometimes, does he. You play basketball in the number one media market Amare' !!! I think this man just wants to be traded and anything he can do to make that possible, he will. Maybe he will get his wish. The Knicks are a team in turmoil and distractions are the last thing they need at this time. Depending on the direction management, this may be close to the last straw for the team. Kobe took incredible heat for his slur and the NBA instituted a anti-gay campaign. Let's hope this is swept under the rug for Amare's sake
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