Allen Iverson Is Not Broke, Has Multi-Million Bank Account

Allen Iverson Is Not Broke, Has Multi-Million Bank Account

Published on March 2nd, 2012

Allen Iverson lost a lot of money but had one friend who really cared about him and saved a multi-million bank account...

Allen Iverson has been subject of many jokes after the whole world found out about all the money he lost, but he luckily had at least one friend in his circle who really cared for him. Acording to the NY Post, Iverson has a multi-million bank account that was saved by that friend, which Iverson can only take out when he is 55, here is the report:

"A person with a firm grip on the situation informs me Iverson has an account worth $32 million, a principal he is prohibited from touching until 55. In the meantime, it feeds him $1 million annually.

At 45, Iverson is eligible to start drawing on an NBA pension that maxes out at 10 years of active duty, or take whatever’s there as lump sum. He will be entitled roughly to $8,000 per month ($800 per x 10).

If at all possible, Iverson will issue a restraining order against himself until he’s 62 or so. At that time, I’m told, his lump sum will be between $1.5 million and $1.8 million, or he can elect to take monthly checks of approximately $14,000 per."

The facts were directly reported by that person, there shouldn't be any jokes made on AI for a while, unless another soccer team offers him to play.


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